Silt, soot and oil.



So, I guess I will start by talking about my pre-session notes. I have been reading the rulebook Unhallowed Metropolis and it got it’s hooks into me as someone who tends to read a lot of murder mystery and social drama type books.

I will try to detail as best as I can how I have prepared myself to leave the comfortable glorious rut of fourth edition, as well as my ascendance to forever DM.

I’ve always found that my players tended to do crazy but generally interesting things, yet now that we’ve been playing fourth edition for a long time the sparkle is starting to wear. I’ve had no challenges stringing encounters together, and writing campaign arcs that went on forever, but I am going to start talking about the important meat of the experience.

For some reason, when a game is all about the make believe like table top games are, they tend to leave by the wayside, not only how to have an imagination (or pretend that you do) but also they forget to equip you with the tools on how to handle these endeavors of running the game. Thankfully, I am bored, working at home, and will have plenty of time now that I can’t walk to explain much of it in detail.



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